"Miss Wright 02/11/16"

I am over the moon with my snap on teeth, I feel more confident, and they are so easy to use. From the moment I rang to make an appointment, Richard made me feel comfortable and relaxed. When I went to my appointment, it was so informal but professional, I met Richards dad Pete too, they are a small family firm, they make you feel at ease and they are so approachable. My snap ons were ready within two weeks and I haven’t had any problems at all, Richard said if I had any problems just to call in anytime. I would recommend Denture Cosmetics to everyone.

"Mrs Goodwin 09/11/16"

I was really nervous about going to my appointment at Denture cosmetics, but I shouldn’t have been from the moment I met Pete, he was lovely he put me at ease, I felt like I had known him for a long time. I needed new dentures for the top of my mouth, I thought they would be really expensive , but they weren’t, and Pete advised me on everything the colour, shape etc. My dentures were ready within two weeks, and I can’t believe, the difference they have made, everyone comments on how good I look, I wish I had got them sooner, Pete said to let him know if I had any problems, I haven’t had any at all, but I know if I did, Pete would do his utmost to make sure I was happy.

"Mr. O’callaghan 23/11/16"

I have visited Denture Cosmetics several times, the service is excellent, I have been back a few times for alterations and Pete and Richard are always happy to assist, I would highly recommend this Denture Cosmetics to everyone.

"D Wright 25/11/16"

I was hesitant about calling in to a cosmetics firm as I thought I might of felt a bit intimidated. But when I called into the waterloo based Denture Cosmetics, I was made to feel totally at ease and I felt relaxed. Richard and Pete are very good at what they do, but also so friendly and easy going. I opted for the snap on teeth, they were ready within two weeks, they are lovely every one comments how nice they are, I recommend denture cosmetics to everyone.

"Fantastic & confident"

Were you pleased with the treatment? I first had a consultation with Mr. Peter Mott. I found Peter to be honest and very professional in his work of nature, and this bought me to decide to choose to give my custom to Denture Cosmetics. After my first consultation I attended a week later to try the teeth that had been moulded for me for fitting. Then the following week I attended to pick my new teeth up and I can honestly say I had no problems and my dentures fitted me perfectly. Peter also advised to me to attend a follow up to check my dentures are fine. Overall I found that the clinic was fantastic, efficient and has bought my confidence back. I would suggest Denture Cosmetics to anyone.

I initially contacted Pete because I wasn’t satisfied with the service I was getting at my own dentists. I’d had two incidents with my previous palette, and both times I’d needed to send it back several times for alterations. Then I had an incident occur, I lost a crown, the whole thing came out and I had to have a tooth added to the existing chrome palette. The palette never fitted correctly after that and because I’d lost confidence in the previous technicians I looked elsewhere. I made an enquiry on a local website for recommendations, and I got a reply from someone recommending Denture Cosmetics. When I visited Pete for the first time I explained the reason for my visit, which was that I wanted a replacement palette because mine didn’t fit properly. Pete said it would be no problem and gave me a quote which I was very happy with. He also suggested some cosmetic improvement which I had never considered. With the way my teeth were, slanted on the bottom, they did not look even with my existing top denture. Pete brought my top teeth forward to make them look more even. I was delighted with the end result, and impressed with the follow up visit, to get any teething troubles out of the way. I’d have no trouble recommending Pete to anyone who requires his high quality service.

Meet Our Denture Experts


Peter Mott

In 1964 at age 15, Pete started his career in Dentures, working in commercial and private dental labs in South Liverpool, Crosby, Southport and now in Waterloo.

Prior to this, Peter was at the Liverpool Dental Hospital where he spent many happy years. He was privileged to work with a very talented dentist, between them perfecting the technique now known as the Copy Technique. Peter then did the KSS Deanery Course for CDT's and graduated at the Faculty of General Dental Practices (UK) at the Royal College of Surgeons in England.

Peter now has his own clinic which is based in Waterloo specialising in Denture Cosmetics. Peter’s vast experience of 48 years and attention to detail means that he is excellent at creating the most natural looking dentures.

"I offer a bespoke one-to-one service to clients, with a free consultation, and procedure and fit all dentures here at my own premises"

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