Complete Dentures in North Wales and Merseyside

At Cosmetic Dentures, we operate under the leadership of our lead technician, Mr Richard Sunter. Our clinic delivers complete dentures in North Wales and Merseyside to discerning patients who understand the importance and value of winning smiles. We offer a discrete, affordable service in nice, prestigious surroundings with helpful, trained and qualified physicians.

Emergency Denture Repairs in North Wales and Merseyside

For those who already have dentures, we're available to help you get the most from your existing fitting. Our technicians specialise in emergency denture repairs in North Wales so that patients never have to feel insecure of embarrassed about their personal appearance. We deliver complete solutions for broken or loose-fitting dentures with no dentist and no drilling.

Dentures While-you-Wait in North Wales and Merseyside

We understand the stigma attached to unsightly, crooked and missing teeth. If you genuinely feel that your smile is letting you down and you need a fast, permanent solution, we can repair dentures while-you-wait in North Wales or anywhere else throughout our surrounding local area. We provide confident smiles, produce fuller lips and cater for all of your cosmetic needs.

Dental Implants in North Wales and Merseyside

Denture Cosmetics are the trusted choice for dental implants in North Wales. Our procedures are virtually pain-free and because we insist on the use of today's most innovative treatments and technology, our implants restore confidence, allow you to speak more clearly and make chewing food significantly easier.

Price Guide

Our clinic in Liverpool offers private treatments including Dentures and Denture Repairs at very competitive rates. Prices start from £500.

We are also pleased to offer economy treatments at very low rates. This includes Dentures from just £295.

  • Denture Repairs: These start from just £30, £10 extra will be added if you require our Stainless Steel Strenghthener.
  • For just £50 you can have the above service plus Denture cleaning and a free box to keep your Dentures safe
  • Our clinic also offers a Denture Cleaning Care pack which lasts for 6 weeks. This is priced at £29.
  • Our clinic is pleased to inform that we accept all Major Credit & Debit Cards
  • We also offer a Medicash service which allows you to spread the cost of treatments using an interest free payment plan. Please contact the clinic for further information

Surgical Implants

A lot of people regret opting for Surgical Implants, If this applies to you also then we have the perfect solution….

We are the only Dental Clinic around our area that offers anew and revolutionary procedure which offers surgery and pain free dentures. This procedure gives the same effect that you would expect from implants. We offer a Free consultation so please contact the clinic for more information.

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If you regret having surgical implants, we may have the solution for you.....

This new and revolutionary procedure offers surgery and pain free dentures with the same effect as implants. We are the only Dental clinic around our area that have this unique service. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS.

Consultation: Free

Price of Denture Cosmetics
denture Repairs

Custom-Made Gum Shields in North Wales and Merseyside

Here at Denture Cosmetics, we specialise in the supply and fitting of custom-made gum shields in North Wales. Ideal for sports and recreational use, we tailor our mouth guards and gum shields to your personal requirements in a distinctive range of style and colours. Our gum shields deliver excellent protection from the physical demands of sporting activity.

Our Services Include:

  • Full one-to-one consultations and complete denture care
  • Dental implants from experienced clinical technicians
  • We repair dentures on a genuine while-you-wait basis
  • Our technicians provide same-day partial dentures
  • Denture Cosmetics replicate and copy all denture types
  • We can have a full set of dentures ready within one week
  • All consultations are free and offered without obligation
  • We personally guarantee the quality of our work
  • Denture Cosmetics are chrome, cobalt and gold denture specialists
  • Teeth jewellery and diamond tooth fittings available
  • Mouth guard and custom-made gum shield experts
  • Convenient ground-floor wheelchair access available

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