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Denture Cosmetics is a small family run business offering a unique one to one service where you can chat in confidence about your expectations and your desires of how you look. And with our experience we can offer advice on the highs and lows of the products that you have been quoted- this life changing experience has to be talked about from every angle. We can put together a package of finance repayments to make the process easier for you, and so that you know that what you’re paying for is what you want.

Here at Denture Cosmetics we work closely with our private implantologist to achieve the highest quality natural looking dentures. If you’re going to invest in implants, make sure you invest in something that suits you. Have your lips made fuller, your wrinkles gently eased away. We produce quality natural looking dentures.

With a private one to one service you can be sure you’re getting the best. This father and son, with over 76 years of experience, have made and are still making the very best of the best. We at the team produce dentures to fit a mouth and suit a face. Even your best friend couldn’t tell that you’re wearing dentures. In fact, the only people that do know you have are Denture Cosmetics because our attention to detail and our vast use of modern materials and techniques give you the very best. There are thousands of happy, satisfied customers leaving our doors- some on TV, and yes, we do know who they are, and they won’t tell because they’re happy! So when you have your free consultation, call Denture Cosmetics in confidence. You only fit implants once, so make sure you use our prestigious range- nothing but the best is good enough for your smile!

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do I need implant retained dentures?
  • Should I have a Free Consultation with somebody who has been making dentures for 50 years? Who has, since 1964, worked in commercial dental laboratories, private dental laboratories and dental hospitals?
  • Do I want implants from a top dental surgeon, and a vastly experienced implantologist?
  • Should I at least go for a free consultation?

Price Guide

Our clinic in Liverpool offers private treatments including Dentures and Denture Repairs at very competitive rates. Prices start from £500.

We are also pleased to offer economy treatments at very low rates. This includes Dentures from just £295.

  • Denture Repairs: These start from just £30, £10 extra will be added if you require our Stainless Steel Strenghthener.
  • For just £50 you can have the above service plus Denture cleaning and a free box to keep your Dentures safe
  • Our clinic also offers a Denture Cleaning Care pack which lasts for 6 weeks. This is priced at £29.
  • Our clinic is pleased to inform that we accept all Major Credit & Debit Cards
  • We also offer a Medicash service which allows you to spread the cost of treatments using an interest free payment plan. Please contact the clinic for further information

Surgical Implants

A lot of people regret opting for Surgical Implants, If this applies to you also then we have the perfect solution….

We are the only Dental Clinic around our area that offers anew and revolutionary procedure which offers surgery and pain free dentures. This procedure gives the same effect that you would expect from implants. We offer a Free consultation so please contact the clinic for more information.

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If you regret having surgical implants, we may have the solution for you.....

This new and revolutionary procedure offers surgery and pain free dentures with the same effect as implants. We are the only Dental clinic around our area that have this unique service. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS.

Consultation: Free

Price of Denture Cosmetics
denture repairs in liverpool

And finally, just to put your mind at ease and convince you more, Richard- the younger, caring, nice gentle person who, when you meet him, you will feel the passion and desire to help you to get the very best in what there is to offer you in dentures.

The feel good factor and confidence is something you get when you have dentures made at Denture Cosmetics- and satisfaction is what we get for our patience in getting you there.

So think again- before I do anything to my mouth,
I’m going local.
I’m going to Waterloo.
I’m going to see Pete and Rick,
because they will do the trick.
Look and feel 10 years younger

Welcome to the online home of Denture Cosmetics, a professional team of clinical technicians based in Merseyside. Wining smiles are a part of our business. With our 70 years of combined experience, we ensure that all of our patients leave us feeling confident and looking great.

A full set of dentures could make a massive difference to the way live your life. At Denture Cosmetics, we take immense pride in providing open, honest advice that gives every patient the clarity they need to make an open, informed decision on dentures that suit all of their personal needs and requirements.

We have our own dedicated clinic in Liverpool with a friendly receptionist and no crowded waiting rooms. You'll always be able to speak directly to a technician and if you can't find the time to come in and see us, just give us a call and we'll arrange one of our home visits for the North West and North Wales.

With Denture Cosmetics, there are no dentists and no drilling to worry about. We use advanced systems direct from the United States and our technicians assist patients who currently have difficulties with loose dentures. We genuinely believe that our clinic is the best possible choice for a full set of dentures in North Wales, Merseyside and all surrounding areas.

A welcoming environment

As well as providing home visits, you will always be made to feel comfortable at our clinic. We strive to provide every customer with the best possible service, with the technicians dedicating their time and skills to make you a denture that will fit your mouth comfortably and suit your face. We also ensure that every customer receives a first class service when they come in to the clinic- we understand that people are scared of crowded waiting rooms, intimidating receptionists, lots of drilling noises from surgeries- that is why we aim not to have a crowded waiting room, our receptionist is friendly, and the only sound coming from our clients is laughter!

Custom-Made Gum Shields

We specialise in custom-made gum shields for patients participating in a wide range of sporting activities. Denture Cosmetics provide a full fitting service to ensure your new gum shield feels comfortable in your mouth and offers the protection you need. We use premium quality branded gum shields and mouth guards that inspire confidence and deliver unrivalled performance.

Same day repairs

Here at Denture Cosmetics, we understand the anxiety and upset caused by a denture breaking- many people do not want to leave the house without their teeth which is entirely understandable! It is for those reasons that we will always repair your denture the same day, or while you wait, and it will be returned to you as good as new!

Instant White Smile

Who says you need to bleach your teeth, or get lots of implants or veneers, in order to have a Hollywood film star smile? Due to revolutionary new techniques developed in the US, you can have a beautiful white smile with no drilling, no dentists and no bleaching. The cost of Instant White Smile is also a fraction of the cost of dental work. As well as that the Snap-On requires no intrusive dental treatments. We do have gift vouchers available, not exclusively for Snap-On but for any of our high quality services, so why not restore a loved one’s confidence by giving them the smile of their dreams?

Cleaning kits and denture boxes

At Denture Cosmetics, we are all about you being happy with your denture for at least 5 years- we don’t want you to be inconvenienced if it needs cleaning or a small adjustment. With this in mind, we sell cleaning kits for all different kinds of dentures, so that you can keep your smile sparkling without having to leave the comfort of your own home. We also sell boxes to keep your denture in, to avoid any accidental damage!

Or for those really hard to clean stains that just don’t want to budge, we offer a cleaning service while you wait. Using a state of the art machine, we can have your denture looking as good as new in just half an hour. Why not come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you wait? The price of repairs is £50.

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